Back with a product of the day!

I do enjoy a snappy post about a product that I adore. This is exactly what this post is! Avène Thermal Spring Water is actually a product I slightly stumbled upon from a glorious visit to a french pharmacy. Which if you ever get the chance to go to and are a fan of skincare,Continue reading “Back with a product of the day!”

Product of the Day!

I was hoping to use this product in an empties/ favourite post but thought why not let it be the product of the day! Having gone through about 10 bottles of this I think it’s safe to say this is a staple in my skincare stash. This cleanser doesn’t promise the world which I actuallyContinue reading “Product of the Day!”

Stocking Filler…Covid Addition

Quick one today. I came across this hand sanitiser quite a while ago on a return trip from Brussels. Funny on the context of things now- but let’s not dwell on that. The Ritual of Samurai The is a wonderful product for adding to a stocking or completing a Christmas gift. It smells absolutely divine!Continue reading “Stocking Filler…Covid Addition”

Eye-Cream Review!

If I am being really honest, I might have scoffed at eye-creams for quite a while. I always thought hey, as long as I have my cleanser and moisturiser, I’m good! The bookends as skin guru Caroline Hirons notes, ever so frequently. Dear reader I do hope you get the chance to catch her onContinue reading “Eye-Cream Review!”