Curly Girl Method?

Hi there,

I’ve been a bit absent the last little while and for that I am sorry! I have to say part of it was work and another huge part was just life. Wonder if I should vent on all such matters!! I think I would be speaking into a void- nonetheless we mosey on!

The curly girl method- why this topic and why now. To be frank it has been in the back of my mind for a long time. I first came across this way of being a few years ago now. It promised to transform my frizzy mess of hair into individual curls. I actually adore curly hair and wish I had tried this sooner. I’ll add a few pics below over what my hair looks like employing some of the principles of the curly girl method.

I hope you notice the Friends poster in the first photo! Some great quotes in that actually. Friends aside, I was very pleasantly surprised by the change in my hair from just one application. I know this doesn’t mean much reading it when you haven’t seen my hair before the mousse! I need to dig out images of it being incredibly frizzy, which trust me dear reader it becomes. It is on my agenda and I will update this post when I come across them.

However, I really wanted to share how even incorporating one product that is recommended on some of the Curly Girl support groups made a big difference to my hair! I have since started on the low poo journey as well as a recommended conditioning product. To be perfectly honest neither of those things have added much of a change above what I could achieve with the addition of the mousse! The other thing that I added or rather took away from my routine is brushing the mop! I de-tangle it in the shower but that’s about it!

So that’s it my lovelies a short and sweet upvote to the curly gurl method. I need to go back on this and update you but for now I hope someone reading this will start it for their hair!


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