Back with a product of the day!

I do enjoy a snappy post about a product that I adore. This is exactly what this post is!

Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray for Sensitive Skin

Avène Thermal Spring Water is actually a product I slightly stumbled upon from a glorious visit to a french pharmacy. Which if you ever get the chance to go to and are a fan of skincare, please do! It is one of my favourite things in the world. They have so many brands and much cheaper actually as well in most instances then what is offered in most cases in both the UK and Ireland!

This product has a lengthy description about how it combats the sensitivity in skin. In fact it also mentions its utility in treating nappy rashes!

I actually thankfully don’t have to deal with those just yet. For myself or another person so haven’t quite tested it out for that purpose. I have however used it as an energiser so oft. If I was being very honest, which I like to be in these blogs, that is what I use it for.

It just adds a pep in the step like no other product I own does. I think it has helped me before when my skin has been sensitive to calm it down but that isn’t why I continue to repurchase this product. The reason I do that is simply for the luxury of it.

It is so damn refreshing. Genuinely feels like a light shower of rain on the hottest day. A cold spritz of the most yummy water when you’re feeling tight and dehydrated. An excellent motivating friend nearing the end of a particularly tough workout.

It’s a solid 4.8 for me on this one. I think if just feelings were involved it would be a 5 out of 5.

Ahh I’m off for a quick spritz ladies. Click on the nappy rash link and try it for yourself!!

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