AHA Resurfacing Peel

Olay Mask Vitamin C + AHA Resurfacing Peel

This product is a two-step exfoliator at most in my opinion. I don’t think it is synonyms with some of the words I would normally use with masks- the biggest of which is the time for which this mask is actually applied.

In the first instance the instruction is to massage the tub you see with the one above. This is the vitamin C with exfoliating beads; added for manual surface skin removal. No matter what I do this harks back to the days of being warned never to use St. Ives for the skin. The baking soda element just doesn’t feel great. It can irritate the skin and if you are using this product I would recommend not being shy with step one. One needs the liquid in which the rough particles are suspended to act as a lubricant for the skin. Don’t go overboard but definitely think around a 2 euro coins worth here.

Step one does what you think it will. It makes the skin baby soft helping to brighten the skin and allow a more even skin tone, reducing the size of pores (ascorbic acid-vitamin C & niacinamide).

Step 1: Vitamin C resurfacing mask

Step two is the AHA- which in this case is lactic acid. Lactic acid is good for resurfacing and is noted as beneficial for those with dehydrated and dry skin. It is formulated in this case to the PH level needed for exfoliation (around 3-4).

Once step one is massaged into the skin for around a minute or two, one may follow up with step two which is a gel like consistency and a clear formula. This product is instructed to be massaged onto the skin. One is asked to allow for a slight heat from the mixing and joining of the products themselves. The products working together actually also foam up at this stage, which is frankly, quite neat.

This product while having some good qualities in the active ingredients used is not my favourite for either vitamin C or AHAs. It is a nice enough product… Leaving the skin feeling almost squeaky clean. Strange way to describe it perhaps but this product genuinely leaves a feeling to the skin akin to that of being squeaky clean. I don’t think it causes massive harm to the skin at all and in its first few uses is quite good. However, for anything with vitamin C and AHAs make sure you have sunscreen on. I would also recommend using it in the night time.

Finally, there is a fragrance to the product, an almost medicinal orange of which I wasn’t the biggest fan. But each to their own- you might love it!

Overall this gets a rating of 3.5- nice but perhaps nothing to write home about.

Olay Mask Vitamin C + AHA Resurfacing Peel

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