Stocking Filler…Covid Addition

Quick one today.

I came across this hand sanitiser quite a while ago on a return trip from Brussels.

Funny on the context of things now- but let’s not dwell on that.

The Ritual of Samurai

The is a wonderful product for adding to a stocking or completing a Christmas gift. It smells absolutely divine!

It is the kind of scent that also tends to stay for quite a while.

I’ve found that if I get this product out anytime around my friends they all seem to want a piece. It’s really going to be a winner- even more so than gum; if you are normally that way inclined. It isn’t an overly sticky product either, does the job and has the most exquisite scent.

One thing to note… I think this normally is marketed for men so if you’re not the fan of notes of sandalwood you might want to give it a miss! However, as a lover of strong scents- I must admit it’s actually my favourite of all of the scents I own ( but you didn’t hear that from me)!


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