Eye-Cream Review!

If I am being really honest, I might have scoffed at eye-creams for quite a while. I always thought hey, as long as I have my cleanser and moisturiser, I’m good! The bookends as skin guru Caroline Hirons notes, ever so frequently. Dear reader I do hope you get the chance to catch her on ‘This Morning’ sometime soon. It really is no nonsense skincare.

I digress.

The point is with my bookends (and serum, when I had a bit more green and a few more years in me) kept me going. I only got into eye creams properly at the very start of lockdown. You know, when the virtual queues for Boots were several hours long. I think one day I stayed waiting for an essential hair-care product for my mother for 5 hours, no luck.

Sunday morning people, if that ever happens again, seemed to the trick.

The thing is once one was allowed onto the site it inspired many hurried purchases one of which was the eye-cream I want to talk about; the Ole Henrikson- Banana Bright Eye Crème.

I got the eye-cream in a pack of two. So the actual set came with the Vit-C face cream as well.

Rating? 4.5/5

This product does exactly what it says on the tin. It brightens the area. Put very simply this is the reason why I have to give it the rating I have. It is a beautiful formulation. Light and airy- feels as if it was whipped. For me it is what we all hoped the whipped foundation (you know the one I’m talking about) would be in texture. It is light and it has incorporated air through its mixing technique.


The product is pigmented which does help the whole brightening for sure. Overtime however, you will note that the area does in-fact seem brighter. Colour pigment or not.

If you do suffer from dark under eyes and you have a yellow undertone this might be just the product for you. Top tip, lash on a bit under the eye before you put on your makeup and it adds the most delicate uplift to the area.

The cream does in fact have lasting power too. I’ve almost hit pan with constant use, every night, for the last couple of months. So if the price does seem a bit much to pay up front, don’t despair, cost per use works out well with this one. Less is more till you get the hang of how you like it.

Overall this is great if you are looking for that pep in your step. That extra glow. That luxurious end of day treat. It will be a firm favourite for me going forward and a restock item!

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Israa x

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