About Me!

This blog is culmination of wanting to talk about skincare for the last 6 or so years. When I say talk I mean excuse buying and testing products on an even more regular basis.

The first pay-cheque I got the thing I most wanted to buy was skin-care. For whatever reason skincare has always stood out to me as a luxury item I want to spend money on. Regardless of what other discretionary expenditure I flirt with for a while it’s the moisturisers, serums and cleaners that get my heart racing.

Why Now?

In all honestly I’ve thought about this for so long I don’t know why this wasn’t years ago. Fun fact when Zoella et al., were first on the scene I toyed with the idea of setting up a youtube channel! I was quite young at the time (hopefully still am considered young) and a sharp absolutely not from the mother was enough for me to just keep planning it in my head.

Well after the childish whimsy one had to grow up and think of other things (i.e. be lazy)! I never really have up on the idea of having a creative outlet, thought about it before bed almost every night. Dreamt of it if I felt frustrated at work.

I think I’ve enough time on my hands at the moment to feel sufficiently guilty about it and thus it’s hello to a blog I’ve thought about for multiple years. Planned posts and stored empties for.

What to expect?

  • Product tests
  • Many skincare reviews
  • Hero Products
  • Do not bother section
  • Pamper products
  • Gift section
  • The much loved section
  • & a few life bits thrown in!

I sure hope I meet one or two skincare lovers in my journey. I also wish I knew the products to stay away from when I was a teenager- so if you are one pleaseeeee stay away from the Clean and Clear. There might be a place for it sure but letting it stay on your face for prolonged periods while toothpaste covers your spots isn’t the look!

Israa x

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